For the past twenty years Victor and Judith have been immersed in design having completed many projects for both private and business clients. Their approach is entirely bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of their clients. They draw on their rich knowledge of interiors, architecture, textiles, fashion and their experience travelling and working in many different countries, all over Europe, Asia and North Africa. As HIBOU, they will continue to offer a design service from concept to reality.

Our current projects include:- a conceptual design for a residential interior in Rye. We have produced hand drawn architectural, conceptual drawings of the building from the inside to the outside :- In Hythe:- an extension to a Victorian cottage and a full renovation of detached house and a retail exterior.  We can liaise with the various planning consultants, provide reliable contractors and source all the materials to specifications. We also advise on colour schemes and interior styling. Below are images of our work to date.

To get in touch for a free consultation please call Judith on 01303 621935 or 07768 553769 or email